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Shipping and Returns PDF Print E-mail
You can pick up your purchases from our online store, in the following ways:

1. Pay by credit card / Paypal and delivery of your order at your Courier.
2. Payment upon receipt of your order at the Courie.
Note: Currently we ship only to Cyprus. For other countries please contact us first!
The Bluesense offers a refund of the purchased product within 10 days from the date indicated on the receipt of purchase, if you are not satisfied, or for any other reason.
The Bluesense is willing to accept the return of the product, you change it with another of your choice, all based on the value of a returned product.

Before returning the product, you should contact Bluesense, having available the following information: Customer Name, date and document number of original sale, serial number of the product and the reason for return, or a description of the problem.
The total transportation cost of shipping / return (and from) borne entirely by the customer.

The returned product must be in original packaging with  the original sales document.

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Princeton Tec League 100 is an LED dive light with 210 Lumen output. It operates on 4 AA batteries

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